About Us

The whole aim of GreenbirdWP is to save you time, and give you peace of mind!

We take the time to care for your website meaning you can concentrate on your customers, and if we can help you learn more about WordPress then we are glad to help.
Many small businesses have been given a chance to reach a wider audience with WordPress providing a user friendly platform, but many of these businesses do not have the staff to maintain the site, especially when things get busy. That’s when you need an extra pair of hands, and we aim to be just that, taking the burden away from you so you can get back to what you love doing. We love the fact that the internet has opened up whole new ways for small businesses and individuals to thrive and we want to help you take advantage of the opportunities out there and not get bogged down in code or technical jargon.

We like to add a personal touch to our services. If we just left everything on autopilot, how would we know everything was in tip top shape? By getting to know you and your website we believe we can add more value by focusing on the things that will make a difference to you, and be able to spot potential issues and deal with them before they become problems.

Meet the driving force behind GreenbirdWP

Hi, I’m Tim Green, the founder and managing director of GreenbirdWP. From my first website build in 2001 to discovering WordPress in 2011, I’ve had a passion for creativity on the web, and in the last few years I’ve discovered the joy of helping others get themselves online as well.

WordPress was a game changer and many clients were keen to take advantage of a platform they could control. New plugins were being developed all the time and even a humble blogger could start making money from their couch. The larger WordPress got, the bigger a target it became and security is now a huge topic in the WordPress community.

Lets be clear, WordPress is brilliant! It powers over 25% of all websites.
We love it, so don’t worry, you made a great choice.

That community I mentioned, it is an excellent group of people that want to help each other, so again well done, you’re in the right boat! The best developers are not only constantly releasing security patches for their own plugins, they are also helping others because we all want our websites to be safe and to get better and better.

So we have patches for security and patches for performance. But what happens if your site isn’t updated. Chances are that either it will be hacked, or stop performing the functions it is supposed to. Even something as simple as a malfunctioning contact form plugin can harm your business as potential customers can’t get through.

Teaching clients how to maintain their site became a standard step in the handover process but most clients didn’t know what to do when an update broke their site and WordPress gained a bit of a reputation for being unstable. Some developers even discouraged updates saying “if it ‘ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but that just left a site full of security holes with new ones being discovered everyday – in short, a broken website waiting to happen.

Eventually someone asked the question, “How much would you charge to do this maintenance stuff for me?” And the first care plan was born. Now it is a standard option for all our web design clients, but some developers aren’t interested in supporting the sites they create, they prefer the creative process. We are happy to step up and fill the void.

What can we do for you?